Mystic Highlands

List of Current and up Coming Events

Auction Event

Date: Sunday 14th May
Time: -- 6.30pm BST
Location: -- Safehold Auction House
Duration: -- Until it ends.

Due to popular demand we will be holding another Auction event, so get your item/items together and create a lot for yourself to sell (Still only one lot per person). Come make a sale or grab some bargains.


Auction House Rules and Tips

Only 1 item allowed to be entered for auction per player. this can be a single item like a Forge or it can be 10 longswords or 100 cotton etc (but it will only be 1 auction).

Item and reserve price must be PMed to Valiance at least 2 days before the auction day.

All goods being sold MUST be brought to the auction and shown to an Admin just before the auction event starts.

The auctioneer will state the item and the start price (never revealing the seller), and tell what the bid increments are to start with, the auctioneer can change the increments at their discretion.

No bidding on your own items!
No talking or working on skills while the auction is in progress unless bidding.

Once the entire auction event is over, all winners will be PMed with the name of the seller.

If you win the auction, you MUST contact the seller within 48 hours and buy the item, if you pull out of the sale, you will be banned from further events until notified.

If the seller pulls out of the sale, they will be banned from further events until notified.

Auctioneer has the final say.

A good way would be to come on a cart to the auction that way maybe you can go away with the items you win !

Remember this should be a good way to sell your items, so dont set a silly high reserve. Better to sell cheap than not at all.

If it goes well, we will do auctions pretty regular, and if they go smooth we will allow more items to be entered.


Community Project

3 Tile Wide Tunnel

So this is our first community project.

We are mining 3 tiles wide all the way though the mountain to the west of Safehold and out the other side. Will make travel to that area much easier for both sides of the mountain.

Mine goes forward only, no ups or downs, floor must be level all the way and any veins we hit must be mined out before we continue, once the floor is level we will mine up. Any rock shards and ore's can be kept by those who mined them.

Things we need.

We are going to need lots of concrete, support beams and Torch Lamps (Only this type). Quality 10 minimum. BSBs for concrete and support beams.

All things are donated freely to the community project, no payment will be received.

The only thing we do not want is people turning up to the project only when we hit veins and then mining veins. We want people to help with all parts here.

Hope to see many people chipping in to help !