Mystic Highlands

Stats of the Server

Server Description - Full on hardcore server, we purposely have created this server to make people have a hard time getting along, but, if you put in the effort, the rewards will be there ! 


1x skill gain
1x action timer
Custom Map
4096x4096 in size
102,500 mobs
65% aggressive
No free Deeds
Upkeep is enabled
Skills start at 1
Characteristics begin at 19.5
Starter gear, 10ql for everything
Priest restrictions
Sermons are disabled
Safehold - Starter city for new players to gain skill/money
No Trader
NPC Task Givers who pay out in coins.
Role-Play in local
Heavy on events
Winter Mod enabled for winter seasons
Bounty Mod for coins
Tax config mod 
Libila fix mod
Skill gain control mod
Season Monitor Mod